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About Almoon

Almoon is a brand born from a brother and sister's dream: to share their passion for unique products that spark joy and wellbeing and help personal growth. 

Why just doing it when you can do it in a beautiful and happy way?

We aim to provide our customers with the ultimate shopping experience, with products that make your life either more joyous, happier or just beautiful.

Our philosophy is simple: Love Life and Bloom. We deeply believe in living life in a passionate way and making the most of it.

And that's exactly what we want for everyone we work with.

We work our hardest to build a brand you can trust, a brand that's human, approachable and customer-centric. Because YOU matter. We're here just to help you. 

But there's more people that matter for us.

Our team. Our suppliers. The people that make with their own hands the majority of the products we sell. That's why at Almoon, we strive to create sustainable products and give our team unsurpassable working conditions. 

We've built this brand because we care.

We care about people. We care about nature. We care about this beautiful planet we live on. Hence, Almoon gives back a 10% of all sales to a few different organizations and charities that make this world a better place, including animal shelters, women's rights organizations, children's' foundations and other minorities in danger. You can read more on our Giving Back page.